The Journey Begins – One Year in My Airstream

I am embarking today on the adventure of a lifetime – a one year road trip around the country in my newly acquired Airstream. This trip has been a longtime coming, but everything just recently fell into place for me to finally do it.

Originally from Florida, I majored in computer science and landed a job doing web development for a major corporation right out of college. I started helping friends with their websites on the side, and soon built up a big enough referral base to quit my day job and do my own thing. My business, ScreenGrab, specializes in helping small businesses with their web design. Working for myself means I can live anywhere, so a few years ago, I left Miami to be closer to my brother in San Antonio and get in on the Austin tech scene. I love everything about Austin – the breakfast tacos, the workout culture, the tech nerds, the incredible music. Working for myself has enabled me to make the most of this vibrant and eclectic city. I’m that guy paddleboarding on Town Lake during the middle of the afternoon when everyone else is inside tethered to a cubicle, because I have the luxury of setting my own hours. Life is pretty awesome.

As much as I love Austin, I’ve been itching to travel. With my job, all I need is an internet connection, so I can literally go almost anywhere in the world. But rather than jet-setting, I’ve opted to go the cheap route and travel the country in an Airstream. There is so much of this country that I haven’t seen, and traveling in an RV makes it affordable and convenient. So I found the perfect 1-person Airstream, packed up my stuff and put it in storage, and today I’m hitting the open road to explore the country. Glad you’re along for the ride!

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