FAQs About My Web Development and Graphic Design Services

There are several questions that I seem to get on a recurring basis from interested prospects and clients. Here are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about my design services:

Front-end versus back-end, what’s the difference?

Front-end refers to the design and development of the user interface. This is what the user sees when they land on and navigate through your website. Far more than being just “pretty” graphics, full front-end design and development requires extensive knowledge and implementation of coding that makes the site sleek, yet functional. If you want to see just how much front-end has changed over the evolution of the internet, check out what the original Amazon homepage looked like when it first launched 21 years ago!

Backend refers to all the behind-the-scenes technology that makes everything run and includes the database, application, and server. Everything that is entered on the front-end has to be stored in a database on a server so that it’s accessible the next time a user logs in.

For a much more thorough explanation of the differences, check out this great blog by teamtreehouse.com.

Before I even start coding, I like to sketch out my designs with pencil and paper.

Before I even start coding, I like to sketch out my designs with pencil and paper.

So what exactly to you do?

I specialize in front-end design and development. Once we’ve discussed a vision for your site and I have a good feel of what you’re looking for, I create a beautiful, functional web design that can be integrated with technology on the back-end for a user-friendly experience.

What about the back-end?

I won’t just leave you hanging with the front-end! I work with a team of hand-selected back-end freelancers that do work I can trust, to make sure that all of the back-end development is completed for your site. Both the front-end and back-end development are included in our negotiated price, so that after your final payment, you have a site that’s up and running.

If I want you to design my site, what’s the process?

Start by contacting me! We’ll schedule a meeting to go over what your company is about, what you’re looking for in a site, target audience, etc. I’ll also show you examples from my design portfolio so I can get a better idea of the look you are going for. From there, I’ll start the design process, which takes anywhere from a month to two months depending on the complexity. I touch base with bi-weekly check-ins to let you know the status of your project and adjust expectations as needed for its completion. During this time, I also work with my back-end team to ensure the entire package can be delivered on-time.

You might think my services are expensive, but the final product is customized so you get exactly what you want.

You might think my services are expensive, but the final product is customized so you get exactly what you want.

What kind of coding do you do?

Front-end development currently centers around HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. HTML relates to the content and structure of the site, while CSS is what is used to change the appearance of the site and dress it up (fonts, formatting, etc.). JavaScript is the coding language that’s responsible for animation or any other changes after a site loads. Backend developers use other languages you may have heard of such as PHP, Ruby, Python and others. For more click here.

Why is it so expensive?! Couldn’t I just get the same thing using free software?

All of my development is highly customized work, which requires extensive coding knowledge and lots of resources to design and implement. I ensure my clients receive high-quality deliverables that are exactly what they want. We don’t stop tweaking until you are fully satisfied. That said, my services aren’t for everyone. If you own a smaller mom and pop shop, chances are you may not be able to immediately afford a customized site solution.

If you’re working on a tight budget, there are plenty of great companies that offer basic sites for free, without much customization. I’d highly recommend looking into WordPress, which is the platform used by 26% of all websites. WordPress has a wide array of themes from which to choose and the interface is user-friendly and easy to navigate. Even if you start on WordPress, you can always come to me later for a more customized solution.

Now you’ve designed my site, which looks great, what’s next? How do I get people to actually see it?

Once you are happy with your site, the next thing you’ll need to focus on is getting traffic to your site. You may have heard of the term Search Engine Optimization, or SEO. In a nutshell, SEO is all about optimizing your site in order to get more traffic. SEO is far outside the realm of what I do; you’ll need to hire an agency that specializes in digital marketing in order to implement a sound SEO strategy. I refer all of my clients to Austin, TX SEO firm Moonraker Marketing. These guys are awesome at what they do and can definitely get you the results you’re looking for!

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